Aladdin Company Mail Order Homes

Ever since my friend ordered a Cedar Cabin on the Internet I have been fascinated with mail order homes.

I've written about Timothy Eaton Mail Order Homes before. Recently I read about the Aladdin Company that started in 1906. History at Wikipedia.

While researching the company I came across the most impressive virtual book. You can read the old catalogue by turning the pages just like some young husband and wife did 80 years ago.

You have to check it out. Aladdin Homes Sovereign Systems. Trust me it is cool. Try it. Just give the pages a few seconds to load.

I have to do more research though. Wikipedia makes it sound like the Aladdin was an American company. However, the book reads like it was a Canadian company. I will definitely do more research.

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  1. Hi, Aladdin was an American company, but they also had a Canadian subsidiary. They issued catalogs just for the Canadian market.

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