Attic Bypass

Attic Bypass, the movement of heat around or through insulation, is a problem in some Calgary homes. Home inspectors make a visual inspection of the attic, checking among other things, ventilation, insulation and air leakage.

While most Calgary attics are adequately insulated, some problem(s) are often, obvious thermal breaks;

  • gaps between batts of insulation,
  • compressed insulation ("tucked-in" insulation)
  • electric cables "squishing" the insulation,
  • gaps resulting from service installations,
  • un-insulated skylights.

These few examples of thermal breaks are the easiest to rectify. It will reflect positively on home heating bills.

Home sellers should consider addressing these problems before the buyer's home inspection. Doing so, will help facilitate a "cleaner" report.

I'd like to quote Mike Holmes of "Make it Right" fame.

"I'd hate to guess how many homeowners, ...only ever consider the "lipstick and mascara" and never think about what's inside..."

Reuben Saltzman, has a good post at his Home Inspection Blog, Insulation vs. Air Leakage

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