Cedar vs Pine Shakes

I was surfing around looking for Calgary Roofing Contractor that specialize in wood shakes. I found Shake Experts.

I don't know anyone at that company. This is not a plug nor an endorsement. The Code of Ethics in the Home Inspection Industry frowns on referals to specific contractors. This is for information only.

The Shake Experts, is a Roofing Contractor that specialize in wood shakes/shingles (re-roofs and maintenance). They have lots of testimonials and some good information about shakes/shingles that are specific to the Calgary area.

From their FAQ page,

Is cedar better than pine?

Cedar has over time built up natural enzymes that help it fight the fungus that destroys wood cells in other woods. Cedar is most commonly resawn so the natural grains and oils of the wood are exposed to the elements which help longevity. Untreated pine is tapersawn and is proven susceptible to the wood destroying fungus. In short, if left alone with no maintenance cedar will last longer than untreated pine.

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