Home Inspection in Cambodia?

Of course not. Most Cambodians are happy to have clean drinking water and a roof over their head. A working toilet would be nice too.

I appreciate some in Calgary are hurting financially. I hear about it. I hear, how bad things are. I believe it. Trouble is, I don't see it.

I see nice cars and bars filled with people. The average price of a Calgary home, is north of 400,000 dollars.

What am I going on about?

I was thinking of a trip I took to Cambodia 5 years ago. I met a Brit who was working for an NGO, drilling water wells for Cambodians living in rural communities. I tagged along for a couple of days and met some really happy people, living in dismal conditions. Most seemed satisfied, they smiled and laughed easily. There was no maliciousness or meanness. Always, giving to a fault.

I don't know what their secret was, if I knew I would share it.

Really, what am I going on about?

We should be more thankful for what we have. Things could be much worse.

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