Home Inspection Jobs In Bangkok

One needs a license to be a Home Inspector in Bangkok but not Calgary. Interesting.

Not as interesting as the price of an average Home Inspection in Bangkok, $260 CAD. A bit cheaper than Calgary's average price of $350 dollars.

However, the recent average selling price of a home in Bangkok is about $160,000 CAD compared to Calgary's average of say, $400,000.

Based on selling price, a Home Inspection in Bangkok costs .016% of the selling price compared to Calgary's 0.008%.

Comparatively, an inspection in Bangkok is double the price of an inspection in Calgary.

Below are some more quotes from the Bangkok Post,

"Building Safety Inspectors and Officers Association (BSA) to introduce a used-home inspection service, helping buyers and sellers establish selling prices that are as fair as possible..."

"This programme will enable a buyer to estimate whether the selling price is worth it or not. It will show facts based on a report made by certified inspector and approved by our committee..."

"Service fees for home inspection are 8,000 baht for a single house with a usable area of less than 400 square metres and 5,500 baht for a townhouse or condominium smaller than 100 sq m..."

"Currently, the BSA has a total of 800 certified inspectors for nine types of buildings covered by the building inspection law. The association expects to train 200 more inspectors during this year..."

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