Horizontal Cracks & Foundations

Cracks in foundations walls cause stress for home sellers, home buyers, Real Estate Agents, Home Inspectors, Builders, Contractors, Lenders and Insurance Underwriters.

It is obvious, not all cracks are equal. A half inch crack in a 50 year old house, with no water damage present, is much less of a worry than a half inch crack in a 3 year old house.

Concrete is rigid. Some cracks will be present. Cracks from shrinkage is less of a worry than stress-induced cracks. However, they should be filled with proper sealant and monitored.

Horizontal cracks, are generally, less a problem for the structure of the house than vertical cracks. They still need to be noted, repaired and monitored.

Again the size of the crack, in relation to the age of the house and recent environment changes, dictates how serious the matter is. An example of environmental change, is frost heave. In Calgary, this is generally more a concern for homes in newer communities.

Home inspectors note and report the presence of cracks. Structural Engineers, Soil Mechanic Engineers or Qualified Contractors, determine the seriousness of the problem and, if any, recommend remedial action.

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