Licensing Home Inspectors

From the Herald Times,

"Buyers should only work with registered Wisconsin home inspectors. It may be tempting to save the money and let "Uncle Harry" do the inspection but with one of the biggest purchases of your life you want to use the right person..."

In Calgary, Home Inspectors are not licenced. Should there be licensing? In the industry, there are two camps. The "yes" camp and the "no" camp. There is no middle camp. I suspect consumers fall into the "yes" camp.

Simply being licensed, doesn't necessarily make one a good Home Inspector. Just as being a licenced Realtor, Insurance Agent, or Stock Broker, make them good at their profession.

However, licencing does give the consumer an added level of protection and I'm for it.

But then, should Roofers and Renovators be licensed? I don't know.

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