Love it or List it

Readers of my blog know I am a fan of the Canadian home renovation program, Mike Holmes on Homes. Mike and his crew help home owners who have been mislead (read screwed) by unscrupulous and/or incompetent contractors.

I am also a fan of another Canadian home renovation show, Love It or List It.

The lives of home owners change and sometimes their homes no longer fulfill their needs. They are faced with a tough decision. Do they move or do they renovate?

Hilary the designer renovates their home while David the Realtor, tries to find a preferable home. At the end of the show, the home owners make a decision whether to - Love their house or List it.

I'm not sure of the stats but it seem most owners choose to keep their house. Hilary is kicking David's butt. (Hear the Designers/Renovators cheering and Agents booing)

Check out their website here .


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