WETT certified Inspectors

Some Calgary Home Insurance Brokers are insisting home owners have their fireplaces WETT inspected and certified before the underwriter will write the policy.

Check out Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) for more information or to find an Inspector near you.

WETT also has a database of certified chimney sweeps. If you know your chimney needs cleaning, it might be a wise to beat the fall rush.


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  2. The home inspector looks for the correct wire gauge when he checks your circuit boxes. In older homes this is a problem because of all the extra appliances we use today. The electrical boxes need to be able to handle the added usage of electricity. This is just a couple of reasons why you should always have a home inspected before you buy it.

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  3. The Home Inspection can save you and your building from natural calamities and Hazardous accidents that can harm your life.Now you can understand your new home better with the Home Inspection.

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  4. Home inspection recommends preventive measures to resolve potential problems. Home inspector can help us to have a clear understanding of the home, so that we can make confident decisions about the purchasing materials.

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  5. Home inspection is super important! Does anyone know of a good chimney sweep calgary!? I really need to have someone come and check out and clean my chimney before it starts to get cold outside and I want to build a fire in my fireplace!

  6. A mold control test using a do-it-yourself mold test kit should be done outside the home or building and with a mask so as not to harm anyone. Mold testing usually involves the lifting of a mold sample or simply scraping off the mold into the mold testing kit.

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