Window Egress

It is old, sad news. In January of this year some people died in an Edmonton basement suite fire. The bars on the basement windows were screwed into the windows frames. Later, the Fire Inspector found the the bars bent inwards and hand prints all over the wall. The people had no chance.

Inspectors talk a lot about window egress. Collins Essential English Dictionary defines egress [ee-gress] as; 1. the act of going out and, 2. a way out or exit [Latin egredi to come out].

Basically, can you get out the window in an emergency? It is something to think about this summer before it gets cold. It does not matter where you live house or condo - have a mini emergency drill.

Think about which window you would climb out of? Can you get out the of that window? What would make the job easier? Is there anything in the way? Teach your children the best way to exit the home in case of an emergency. Plan ahead.

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