A Good Real Estate Indicator

I just read some great news at Canada Mortgage Trends.

ResMor Trust is offering prime rate on their 4 year variable mortgages which is currently the lowest available rate in the market.

Borrowers are happy but it is more than that. ResMor has eliminated the risk premium on their home loans which indicates they believe the Canadian real estate market is stable.

Couple this with the increased volume of home sales in cities like Calgary, shows our economy is improving. Home Renovators, Builders, Realtors and Home Inspectors should have more work in the last quarter. Maybe it is time to buy Home Depot stock?

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  1. If you're wondering whether we're at the bottom of the real estate crash and whether the recovery has started or not, you're certainly not alone. Homeowners and real estate professionals alike have been watching local and national housing markets very closely, particularly the following indicators of market health and what's to come. The number of pending sales, or properties currently under contract to sell, is a more current indicator of housing market health than actual sales although slightly less accurate. Compare today's number to the number a year ago for a good sense of how your local market is trending.Thanks.
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