More Tax Credits Please

The Conservative government is warning a fall election would kill a tax credit that allows Canadians to recoup some of the money they spend on home renovations.

Prime Minister Harper commented,

"This government remains committed to that tax credit. It's a good idea. I would encourage all political parties to support it, and those that supported it in the past to continue to support it,"

Essentially suggesting that the Liberal Party wishes to eliminate the tax credit for home renovations.

A spokesperson for Mr. Ignatieff replied, "Canadians have no reason to worry."

This is not a political blog. I'm not on any "Team". I vote on the issues.

That said, I must say I am am happy the Conservative Party introduced tax credits for home renovations. What qualifies for credit has been fairly liberal. However, I would like to see more credits for energy efficient innovations and products for the home.

I am unhappy with the Conservatives using scare tactics to disorientate Canadians. Revoking tax credits for home renovations would be suicide and no party would entertain the thought.

Suggesting otherwise is scare mongering and uncivilized.

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