Your Home Inspector should have caught that!

I. G. "Zack" Lilienfeld, PE, CEM, Licensed Home Inspector, and Consulting Engineer is one of my favorite HI bloggers. He writes about some of the challenges faced by Home Inspectors,

"Recently, I received two phone calls where my clients explained that there was repair work required by them due to a defect, and that their plumber/electrician/handyman exclaimed "your home inspector should have caught that!" The implication was that I missed the problem, and if so, I'd be liable for the repair. These calls naturally left me with a sinking feeling, so I wanted to get to the bottom of things to see if I had indeed slipped up. In my fact-finding, I was alarmed to find out that the "issues" were not so much defects requiring repair, as they were contractors looking for work in a declining home repair market." Read the rest at Home Inspection Blog

It does not matter if your Home Inspector is from Calgary or Cape May County, he or she might have missed something. However, just because a trades person or your Uncle Bob - says its so, it doesn't mean it is.

It is normal for people to get emotional when they are given a huge home repair estimate. The Best thing to do is a get as second or third estimate and/or opinion. If your think your Home Inspector was in error, at least give him or her the chance to see the defect and make an assessment.

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