Nitpicky People

Barry Stone is a Home Inspector and nationally syndicated columnist. Recently, one of his articles touched on a point that may be of interest to Calgary home owners, Realtors and Home Inspectors.

Note. Mr. Stone writes for the American market. In general, our friends to the south can be very litigious. It is a bit sad that a home inspector is more worried about writing a report, that ensures he or she does not get sued, rather than writing a report that best serves the needs of the consumer. Please read some quotes,

"DEAR BARRY: A home inspector recently came to our house and scared off our buyers with false assumptions about our foundation and with nit-picky disclosures of all kinds..."

"DEAR GINNY: When home inspectors report defects, they should state what they see and limit their conclusions to things they can confirm..."

"...There is a reason why home inspectors try to list every apparent defect. Many inspectors have had claims and lawsuits for problems that were not included in their reports. This is an unfortunate aspect of the business of home inspection..."

"Unreasonable liability pressures are placed on inspectors by a minority of nitpicky buyers. This leads to outrageously nitpicky reports for the rest of us".

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Without knowing more information, my sympathies are with Ginny.

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