Toxic Drywall not Chinese Drywall.

It is old news, there are problems associated with some drywall manufactured in China. The problems are real and documented. While there are a few cases in Canada, the majority of complaints come from American home owners. It is not right. Unsuspecting home owners have been saddled with an unfair financial burden.

Though in the 'Big Picture' I am a bit suspicious. This controversy might be about more than just drywall. I think it is partly about China, "the Chinese" and trade with China. Before I am labeled a left wing nut let me explain.

I read a lot on home inspection, home renovation, real estate, economics, trade and government policy. First, it seems it is always the "Chinese Drywall" problem. Never, the problem with dry wall manufactured in China. Okay, on the surface it is the same and I'm splitting hairs. Though, I think you know what I am talking about.

My point is, I rarely read about toxic drywall manufactured in Canada and America. Recently, Florida Senator Dave Aronberg said,

"We have families that have been victimized by drywall that was made not in China but in Canada and the United States,"

Calgary Realtor Jim Sparrow has been contacted by families from the States claiming their new homes have toxic drywall (suspected sulphur contaminated) manufactured in and by American companies.

This is not just about "Chinese Drywall". It is about Toxic Drywall manufactured by Canadian, American and Chinese companies. Pointing fingers is uncivilized.

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