Standards of Practice - Section 12


12.1 The inspector shall:
A. inspect:
1. the system components.
2. the vent systems, flues, and chimneys.

B. describe:
1. the fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances.
2. the chimneys.

12.2 The inspector is NOT required to:
A. inspect:
1. the interiors of flues or chimneys.
2. the firescreens and doors.
3. the seals and gaskets.
4. the automatic fuel feed devices.
5. the mantles and fireplace surrounds.
6. the combustion make-up air devices.
7. the heat distribution assists whether gravity controlled or fan

B. ignite or extinguish fires.
C. determine draft characteristics.
D. move fireplace inserts or stoves or firebox contents.


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